A Tale of Love and Darkness

Type: novel

First Published: 2002

Tragic, comic, and utterly honest, this bestselling and critically acclaimed new work by “one of Israel’s most gifted and prolific authors” (Helen Epstein, The Forward) is at once a family saga and a magical self-portrait of a writer who witnessed the birth of a nation and lived through its turbulent history.It is the story of a boy growing up in the war-torn Jerusalem of the forties and fifties, in a small apartment crowded with books in twelve languages and relatives speaking nearly as many. The story of an adolescent whose life has been changed forever by his mother’s suicide when he was twelve years old. The story of a man who leaves the constraints of his family and its community of dreamers, scholars, and failed businessmen to join a kibbutz, change his name, marry, have children. The story of a writer who becomes an active participant in the political life of his nation.

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Editions of the book: 54

Translated into: Italian, French, English, Bulgarian, German, Spanish, Greek, Norwegian, Croatian, Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, Danish, Dutch, Czech, Swedish, Russian, Turkish, Hungarian, Chinese, Albanian, Finnish, Katalanit, Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Arabic, Kurdish, Slovenian, Chinese (Taiwan), Czech (coming soon: Korean, Macedonian)