How To Cure A Fanatic or Help Us To Divorce

Type: essays

First Published: 2003

In two concise, powerful essays, the award-winning author offers unique insight into the true nature of fanaticism and proposes a reasoned and respectful approach to resolving the Israeli Palestinian conflict. As an added feature, he comments on contemporary issues–the Gaza pullout, Yasser Arafat’s death, and the war in Iraq–in an extended interview at the end of the book.

Oz argues that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not a war of religion or cultures or traditions, but rather a real estate dispute–one that will be resolved not by greater understanding, but by painful compromise. As he writes, “The seeds of fanaticism always lie in uncompromising righteousness, the plague of many centuries.”

A gratis recording of How to Cure a Fanatic in Arabic is accessible here shortly.

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Editions of the book: 37

Translated into: Spanish, German, Italian, Danish, English, Portuguese, French, Norwegian, Greek, Croatian, Czech, Serbian, Swedish, Dutch. Rumanian, Polish, Hungarian, Catalan, Bulgarian, Japanease (soon in Albanian).