Between Friends

Type: short stories

First Published: 2012


בין חברים

In the stories of “Between Friends” Amos Oz returns to the kibbutz of the fifties.

The stories take place in the imaginary Kibbutz Yikhat, and they remarkably draw portraits of men and women who dream and experience pain in the shadow of one of the largest collective dreams in the history of the twentieth century. A Father sees his daughter shares her life with a kibutz member at his own age; a woman writes a letter to a woman for whom she was abandoned by her husband; a child visits his father in a mental hospital; and an aging gardener carries on his shoulders all the disasters of the world – each of the individual stories is an example of humanity and together they become a string that is also a portrait of an idea and a period.

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Editions of the book: 3

Translated into: Italian, English (soon in Spanish, German, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, French, Danish, Chinese, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Croatian).