The Same Sea

Type: novel

First Published: 1999

The Same Sea is Amos Oz’s most adventurous and inventive novel, the book by which he would like to be remembered. The cast of characters ranges from a prodigal son to a widowed father who has taken in his son’s enticing young girlfriend, who in turn sleeps with her boyfriend’s close friend. The author himself receives phone calls from his characters, criticizing the way he portrays them in his novel. In this human profusion there is chaos and order, love and eroticism, loyalty and betrayal, and ultimately an extraordinary energy.

“I wrote this book with everything I have. Language, music, structure–everything that I have. . . . This is the closest book I’ve written. Close to me, close to what I always wanted. . . . I went as far as I could.”–Amos Oz

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Editions of the book: 26

Translated into: Dutch, English, Italian, Greek, Norwegian, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Polish, French, Catalan, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Chines,.soon in Malayalam.